Summer Scent: Bamboo Eau De Parfum

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Some of you may or may not know that I recently took a trip to Central America, specifically Guatemala. It was a very special trip so stay tuned for the upcoming travel post. I’m still going over all the pictures and figuring out how to share two weeks worth of post, but in the meantime, I’ll share a review of one of my fave summer perfume, Bamboo Eau de Parfum.

Bamboo Eau De Parfum is inspired by the bamboo plant, and is exclusively sold at Fragrance Outlet. Fragrance Outlet is known for carrying a wide selection of designer fragrances at a reasonable price. The closest outlet to my house is about an hour away, so it was pretty awesome to find out that they recently launched an online store! It’s very easy to look for your favorite perfume using the search bar and to also browse exclusive products that they offer.

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Now on to the perfume!


The perfume was packaged in a white box filled with crumbled paper for protection and wrapped neatly in a navy ribbon. Inside, is a glass spray flacon containing a pretty, light pink liquid. The bottle shows the name of the perfume and it has a nice bamboo stem embossed at the back. I really love this style. It’s simple, clean, and very beautiful.

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Besides being associated with cute pandas, bamboo is hardly what you imagine when you think of pretty scents. Luckily, the actual perfume is made up of these main scents: blackcurrant, violet leaves, ivy, Lily, rose, ylang-ylang, freesia, with the base notes of  musk, cedar and vetiver. Sounds yummy right?

To simply put it, it smells sweet and very fresh. I’m a fan of flowery scents, but I also love clean smelling perfumes such as this.

Fragrance Outlet-Bamboo-2Fragrance Outlet-Bamboo-1


So this has become my go-to perfume since I got it. I normally do not like using designer perfume when I’m just going to work at the hospital, but this scent is fresh and light enough that I tried it. I got compliments on it in the morning and throughout the day. Although after working 12+ hours,  I did notice it fade away by the time I’m done with my shift.

Have you ever shopped at Fragrance Outlet near you? What’s your go-to summer scent?

*This sample product was gifted from Fragrance Outlet. Opinions expressed here are my own.*


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  1. I wish I could wear fragrances. I remember my mom had a specific one for when she went to work or out with my Dad for date night. Still brings back memories!

  2. The packaging is super cute and minimal. I don’t have a scent after using up one of my absolute favorites so I’ve just been trying to use up some of my older less liked perfumes.