Tea Time!


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Warmth. I can’t figure out what’s so peaceful about it. Snuggling up in your blanket, in someone’s arms, or next to your beloved pet. There is something very safe,relaxing, and comforting about being warm. Perhaps this is why I love tea so much! I get the same warm feeling from a mug of fresh hot tea as I do when I am nestled under a heavy blanket in winter weather.

As I have recently been drinking quite a bit of tea lately, I figured I would share a few of the teas I’m enjoying right now.

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First up! Dandelion Leaf tea. I’m drinking the brand Celebration Herbals. I love it’s grassy taste. It tastes fresh and authentic and there is an almost cleansing feeling I get when I drink it. This particular tea comes as individual tea bags (not loose leaf like Dandelion Root tea of the same brand). Simply boil water, and steep the tea bag covered. In just minutes I’ve got a calming, earthy tasting tea.

Tea time-103

Next up: Pomegranate Pear Tea from just add honey tea company. I came across this tea through a gift from a friend. After tasting it, I realized how great of a friend she was! Open the tin and you immediately inhale the sweet aroma of its listed ingredients: “apple, rosehips, hibiscus, elderberries, ginger, pomegranate, flavors, pear, currants.” I had been wanting loose teas for a while but never got them because I did not have an infuser, but I got one included in that same gift. I regret not having one sooner! At least now I can enjoy as many loose teas as I please.

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Last but certainly not least, a staple of mine: ginger tea. I will always have ginger tea in my life. It’s strong taste is always calming to me. You can buy ginger tea ready made or you can easily make it yourself. The most basic way is to peel ginger root and boil pieces of ginger. You can use a grater, a zester, a nifty garlic twist like I have, or any other kitchen tool. You can also just slice pieces of ginger with a knife. Add some water, throw in ginger pieces, boil it and you’ve got ginger tea. If you are a honey fan this is one of my favorite teas to have with a bit of honey.And that’s that!

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Question: Do you prefer warm teas or iced teas? Let us know!



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  1. Warm tea is good for me. At my local Tim Hortons. I get a large Chai and green tea. It’s a bit weird but Chai tea at Tims is the only tea that has ginger in it. So, when I felt sick in University I got a large that has two tea bags and I mix it with either Orange Pekoe (my favourite) or Green tea with the Chai. Red Roobios tea is gangster. Love that tooooo <3
    Great article. Maybe, I will try honey.