The Honey Royal Gold Elixir Facial Serum Review


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Practicing good skin care is very important for us beauty enthusiasts, after all, our skin is our blank canvas and we all want a nice foundation to work on. We all know about washing our faces, moisturizers and maybe a sunscreen once in awhile (admit it, you don’t always remember this one) but it’s not that common to include facial serums into our beauty regimen. It’s not until we start seeing faint signs of aging that we start to pay more attention to our routine.

Today, I present to you a luxurious product from *Perlier, the Honey Royal Gold Elixir Facial Serum. Okay, talk about fancy. The packaging alone on this one is enough to get me curious. I wasn’t very familiar with this brand so I decided to read about it and find out more. These are the product claims:

  • Exclusive and innovative Youth Elixir with fresh Royal Jelly and other key ingredients
  • Helps aged skin appear renewed and more youthful-looking
  • Non-irritating complex of ingredients may be used around the eye area
  • Formula in which all water has been replaced by rose distillate
  • Rose distillate has been shown to have moisturizing and toning properties
  • Formula contains approximately 70% functional key ingredients



Okay, so on to what I think about the product!

Reading the ingredients list, very high up is Rosa Centifolia (Flower Water), followed by scientific ingredient names that are basically derivatives of oil, silicone and other emollients that make the substance all soft and nice and then the holy grail Royal Jelly. If you guys don’t know, Royal Jelly comes from worker bees and is used to feed what will become the Queen Bee. Obviously it’s a more complicated process than that but the thing to know is that it’s packed with nutrients that are very popular with anti-aging products. It contains the basic ingredients in collagen that helps firm the skin and vitamins that help maintain and renew skin cells. The water in this product has also been replaced by pure rose extract which is said to have moisturizing and toning properties.

I typically like to use a product longer to give a more thorough review but there is a promo coming up on HSN for the curious beauty enthusiasts out there who would like to try this product, so just consider this an initial review! I will do an update once I finish this product.

It comes in this gold accented pump bottle and this package contains 50ml of product and it just looks really pretty on my vanity.



This is what the product looks like. Initial impression is that it blends really nicely and it has a very nice scent. After blending it out thoroughly, it left the skin feeling smooth and soft. Must be all those moisturizing ingredients that are abundant in this product according to the ingredients list.




Like I said, it has only been a week and I’ve been using this twice a day (morning and night) and the thing that I’ve noticed so far is that my skin is softer. Besides that, using this product just makes me feel like royalty because it is noticeably better quality than a of OTC creams.

So if you want to know more about this product, Perlier is inviting all of you to catch their feature on HSN for an awesome deal!

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  1. The packaging looks so great, almost like an old, glamorous book! And so does the product. I think you did a great review. I would love to buy this product because it sounds wonderful!
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