5 Travel Must-Haves

Travel must haves
After over a year of waiting since our last trip, we were finally able to plan a vacation for this year. In a few days, I will be on plane heading to Miami then to Guatemala to visit my boyfriend’s family, and I couldn’t be more excited. Everyone knows that traveling can be as stressful as it is exciting. Planning carefully and packing the right things can definitely help lessen that stress, so I thought I’d share my travel must-haves with you all!

Clear containers

Airports have strict rules regarding the amount of fluid an individual is allowed to carry. This is a nightmare for someone like myself who uses a ton of products on a daily basis. Clear travel containers, such as the AusKit Travel Bottles  (with labels) will make packing your favorite products a breeze and it’s a great way to stay organize!

Eye Mask + Ear Plugs

Taking a nice comfortable eye mask and a pair of ear plugs can definitely make plane nap times so much better. No need to hear other people’s conversations, that screaming child, or the weird and sometimes scary noises that planes make. Eye masks are a great way to block light and have total darkness which can increase melatonin production and we all know that more melatonin =  more sleep.


Okay, so waiting around is often part of traveling. Waiting to check in, waiting to board, waiting for take off, landing, hotel check in… etc. You know the deal. I am so very thankful for electronic devices that can provide endless hours of entertainment so I’ll have something to do to pass the time if I’m not sleeping. This month, I was lucky to be given an iPad mini for my birthday, in which I am slowly preparing by downloading an e-reader and tons of games. If you want a more affordable option, Amazon has these awesome tablets for a great prize.


Of course, as a blogger and someone who loves to share travel experiences, having a nice camera to capture the trip’s adventure is a definite must. I currently own a DSLR and I’m in the market for new lenses, but sometimes they can be too bulky. So if you’re in the market for a light travel camera, I have read some great reviews on the Olympus Digital Camera. 

Antibacterial Wipes

Working in healthcare, I can’t do without cleaning my hands often. Seriously, I’m surprised I still have fingerprints. Having antibacterial wipes on hand can lessen my anxiety about getting sick from the germs when I can’t get somewhere to wash my hands.

Travel Pouch

Having a secret pouch, such as this, to stash your important belongings while exploring can give you a peace of mind. This proved to be very handy while on our trip to Europe. After doing some research about safety, we had a slight anxiety in regards to pickpocketing and scammers who are out to steal from tourists. This can be very discreet because it’s small enough to wear under your shirt.

I can’t wait so share our travel details to you all, and I hope you found some of these information useful. Tell me, what are your travel must haves?




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  1. I love those travel bottles. Never seen or heard of that brand before, but I’m definitely going to explore further. I’m always looking for a good way to travel with my skincare products.