Valencia Ultimate Skin Repair & Hydration Combo Review

Beauty POST TEMPLATEWinter in Florida isn’t something to complain about, but the colder than usual weather is still something that is wreaking havoc to my skin. It’s been drier than usual, and I also notice extra flaking around the mouth and nose. I needed to try something new to mend this problem and Valencia happened to be promoting a new skin care combo just for repair and hydration.

The first product is the Plumping Hydration Mask which comes in a regular plastic jar. Inside is a little interesting. I have face masks that range from white to black to green, but I’ve never seen one this color and with pudding consistency. Also, the smell is something to note. I LOVE the sweet scent it has and almost reminds of a jelly snack that I use to enjoy when I was a kid.

valentia skin care-6valentia skin care-5 valentia skin care-4It spreads clear and one thing that I notice is that it doesn’t dry up and make the skin super tight like other masks. I actually kind of like that! So the instruction says to leave for 15-30 minutes. I did about 15 minutes while washing the dishes (multitasking you guys) and washed it off with warm water. So I’m very pleased with the result. My skin felt smooth and what’s the word…supple? I plan on doing this weekly just to bring some life back to my skin after a stressful week.

So the next product is the True Glow Eye Cream.

valentia skin care-3It comes in a pump jar and it has a permanent home on my vanity. I’m just as pleased with his eye cream as I am with the mask. It contains Vitamin C and rosehip oil which can help brighten and tighten the skin. This is quickly absorbed by my skin so putting products on top of it was not a problem for me, specially since my skin tend to be on the drier side.

valentia skin care-2

valentia skin care-1Valentia is named after a Roman Goddess of healing, and I like that they keep up with this theme by only using natural and organic ingredients.

Hope you guys get the chance to try out these products! Have an awesome weekend!



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  1. Oooh – these both sound amazing! I’m hugely obsessed with face masks but have never tried this one – and definitely have never tried one that doesn’t dry or is that kind of pudding-like consistency. I’m curious to check it out. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!