Vegan Cupcakes


I set a goal this year to learn how to cook and look! I’m actually kind of doing it. One type of cooking I wanted to focus on was vegan recipes and thought some Valentine’s Day sweets were a perfect opportunity for us at FVS to try out.

The first thing we realized is that you have to be able to wing it. We quickly found a simple recipe for cupcakes, but it didn’t include the frosting. Julie searched on YouTube and found a video for buttercream frosting. By the name itself, buttercream doesn’t sound vegan, but we were able to substitute ingredients.

Valentine's Day CupcakesRaspberry frosting cupcake

Right before we went shopping for ingredients, we wondered if we should buy decor like dyes and sprinkles. Then we had to find out if those were vegan. While there are some available, we didn’t see them at our store. So we blended and sifted some raspberries for a natural red coloring!

Raspberry Cupcakes

Raspberries (or any other berries) also make for cute garnish!

This is the first vegan recipe I’ve tried to make; additionally, I don’t really spend a lot of time seeking them out or reading about the lifestyle, so sorry if something we did or used isn’t actually to code. There are quite a few reasons the diet appeals to me, but I can completely see how a complete lifestyle or even complete diet can be inaccessible.

Valentine's Vegan sweets

These were delicious! For some reason, our second batch of frosting came out REALLY melty, so maybe the next time I’d adjust the butter/sugar ratio. Or perhaps the butter itself was melting. Also, maybe add more raspberries for the coloring. Or try strawberries or cherries.

Recipes & Sources We Used

Vegan Cupcakes Recipe
Short and simple!
Buttercream Icing Recipe (VIDEO)
We used Smart Balance Light original with Flax after finding this post
and the almond milk from the cupcake recipe
What You Don’t Know About Food Colors
Provides a handy chart for vegan food coloring

What do you think? Are you vegan? What happened to our melty frosting?

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    1. hm, I do like salty food too. Why iffy? Do you feel like they won’t taste like the original?

  1. Looks like the frosting turned out nice and creamy. I tried one for my daughter’s birthday cake with another brand without such luck. Will definitely keep this one in mind.