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*As with any product, please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. See their website for ingredients*

Dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. A few common eye area problems that a lot of us are very familiar with. It’s just one of those things that shouldn’t be a big deal but it kinda is. Our beauty regime is like a ritual and concealing those areas is a pretty essential step if we want to avoid people constantly asking us if we are sick or if we got enough sleep last night.

We’ve all heard it. The skin under our eyes is very sensitive and fragile so it’s very important that we take good care of it. I never really had too much issue with mine until I started working full time and started doing 16 hour shifts. Talk about feeling and looking like a zombie. My main problems were puffiness and a little darkening. It was such great timing when the guys at *VIIcode asked me if I wanted to try out their product for a review.

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The product claims to help with wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness and my package contained 6 packs of masks and a sample size eye cream.

The application was very easy. Once you remove the plastic that protects the mask, just apply to your under eyes and leave it on there for 8 hours at the most. The gel makes the mask kind of slippery so some gentle pressure needed to press it again the skin. First impression was the gel on the mask was cooling. It felt really good on the skin.

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Overall, my first impression is that this product is worth it. I looked around for more reviews and I saw that it had a pretty good rating on MakeUpAlley. Since my problems are not too severe, I left mine on for about 5 hours and was really surprised to see a difference for such a short amount of time. The biggest thing I want to comment on is how smooth and soft that area was after the mask. I can just see how with regular treatment, a huge improvement can be seen. 
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Their website recommends an application of 2-3 times a week and a course of 3 boxes for a full treatment. I believe that is for those that are suffering from problems such as wrinkles and really dark circles. A full treatment is needed to acquire the best results.

But for those like myself, whose case is not too severe, I really believe that this would be such a great product to add to a weekly routine or as a preventative action. One suggestion I have for anyone planning to use this as an overnight treatment is to put a sleeping mask over it, because I can assure you that it will fall off.

Have you tried this product? If you would like to try out this product, you can purchase VIIcode here.

What do you do for treating your eye area problems? Let me know down below!




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  1. I LOVE masks!! There my favourite night time treat. I use an eye mask from Tony Moly (a Korean beauty brand( that I absolutely LOVE. It’s called Panda’s Dream eye patches…I absolutely LOVE them 😀

  2. I haven’t tried this brand before but I have tried eye masks like this one before and loved them, they really helped freshen and plump up my under eye area xx

  3. This sounds fantastic, I’m really not getting enough rest at the moment and as a result have dark circles – I should try these!! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice