WHAT I HATE RIGHT NOWOkay, I’m not about to start using some cliché saying like, waking up on the wrong side of the bed or something like that, but I’m sure we’ve all had one of those days where we just hate the world and everything else that’s occupying it. I’m all for promoting positivity and striving to be happy but being sad and angry sometimes is a normal element of human emotions. It happens and it’s okay.

With that said, I’m having one of those days right now and although I’m not a violent person, I may or may not have yelled at my phone for an undisclosed reason and threatened to end it’s life by tossing it across the room. I figured that I should calm myself down immediately, so I decided to turn to my blog. I’ve always found it therapeutic to sit in front of my laptop and just write.

So without further ado, let’s get to the things that I hate right now. Maybe hate is too strong of a word, I think ‘annoy’ is more appropriate… but I already made the graphic that says ‘hate’ on it, so let’s go with that. Emphasis on right now because any other given day, I’m quite okay with these things.

forrest gump rain

The weather. This might have a lot to do with why I feel like this today. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s 99% of the reason why I’m annoyed right now.  Although I’m thankful that my neighborhood is not submerged underwater, this rain is getting ridiculous. I miss the beach and the sun. I can’t go anywhere because the streets to get to anywhere are flooded. Maybe if I had a kayak or a paddle board, I might be able to. Think I’m lying? Just see these people. Also, I read that a car just hit an alligator in a major interstate!

Waiting. Job listings to this hospital that I’ve been wanting to work for have opened up recently. Of course I applied, but I was told that I have to wait. Nothing I can do about that but it still bugs me that I don’t know if I’m going to hear from them anytime soon.

fvs hair-102

My Hair. Normally I like my hair but for the past week, I’ve been just irrationally angry at it. The only solution is to go to the salon and get a haircut and maybe some color, but I’ve had a long history of botch hair jobs from the salons in my area. I’m very traumatized, you guys. I just want to find a hairstylist that I can be BFF’s with because he/she actually made my hair look like the photos I showed from Pinterest. And please, don’t give me that, “It’s just hair” bs, because it’s not. Girls who have special relationships with their hair will understand. I’ve cried over haircuts more times than I’d like to admit.

Not knowing how to speak French. When I’m literally stuck at home, I like to go on Netflix or Hulu and watch foreign films. German, Spanish, and specially French. Why I’m angry at not being able to speak or understand French specifically has something to do with my long time obsession with wanting to sound amazing by speaking French. I feel like a failure for not fulfilling this goal since I’ve been working at it since high school.

Soggy Rice. Sometimes I like to eat rice and eggs for breakfast. It’s an asian thing. When rice is soggy, it’s not very good with over medium eggs. It’s gross and I hate it.

That I’m writing this post. If you’re reading this part of the post, I thank you for taking the time to go over this rant. I usually don’t like to complain…okay, that’s a lie, I complain a good and perfectly normal amount, but I tend to not share it to the world because I don’t want to be labeled as such. I am glad to share this side of me to let you know that there are real people with emotions behind this blog.

The rain has now stopped, and since beginning to write this and having a cup of tea, I feel a lot better. So tell me, what’s been annoying you lately?



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  1. It’s Important to rant and let out you feeling I’m sure it’s therapeutic to do so and never feel like you have to apologise or justify that 🙂 xxx

  2. I think this was a great post and funny. I also hate long rainy days in the middle of the summer :))) I try to be chill out and not get so easily annoyed, is not good for my health and it gives me a bad vibration. I also cry over haircuts. I hope everything goes better, don’ t let the negative thought in control. Elena from Beauty Magic Box.

    1. Thank you, I just assumed I should at least make it sound more lighthearted if it was going to be a somewhat negative post. I completely get the whole giving a bad vibration. Nobody wants to be around a negative nancy. Haha I’m glad to hear there are more of us that cry over haircuts!

  3. I think rants are totally fine and show that we’re all just human beings. It’s good to have a positive attitude, but bad days just happen. I hope you feel better soon and that life treats you good!
    The weather – I can relate to this! Right now it’s summer here and my mood instantly gets better. Honestly, I’m a bit afraid of autumn and winter as I know I’m gonna feel blue then more often..
    Waiting and not hearing from a job.. yeah, I think we all have been through this :/

    1. Thank you so much! Summer is usually a really fun season when it’s not raining like crazy. The job thing is horrible. It’s even worse when the facility doesn’t bother reaching out to candidates. Hopefully this year you find more ways to not be in a funk during those those season!

      1. Yeah, I’ve been through that, too. I find it also very rude when you don’t receive any feedback or reply at all. Even if it was just a call or short email.. as if this would be too much to ask for.. oh well, fingers crossed for you!
        Thank you, maybe I should look for a new hobby for the colder seasons 😀

        1. Thank you so much! yeah I think the colder season hobby idea sounds great. It’ll keep you occupied and not think about feeling blue 🙂

    1. Ahh. Sorry about that! It’s really annoying specially for bloggers lol. We can’t take decent photographs and it ruins makeup, hair and clothes 😛

  4. It’s good to get things off your chest! Totally feel you on the weather, it’s horrible here as well 🙁

    Jess xo

    1. 🙂 Seems like there’s a lot of us not happy with the weather right now! Hopefully it gets better where you’re at soon!

  5. Ah, loved reading this! The weather plays such a huge part in our lives, doesn’t it?! I find my mood tends to be so much sunnier when I can see the sun outside!

    I’m super tempted to write something like this too, but my life has been in such a downward phase in the past couple of weeks, it might turn into a bit of a rant. 😛

    And hair troubles are never trite. They are our crowning glory, after all. xx

    1. I think it’s because we get limited on what we can do when the weather is sucky and plans get ruined.
      I hope you do write that post, would love to give it a read! Sorry to hear about your situation though, keep your head up and hopefully things will turn around 😀

  6. I want to speak French, too! I feel so sad that I can’t, but at least there are some fun apps like Duolingo and Drops that are great for getting started. And, I know what you mean about your hair. I would love to find a stylist who made my hair look amazing. Maybe one day…

    1. Oh I love Duolingo! I’ve never heard of Drops but I will check it out! I get so jealous of those people who have that one stylist that they always go to because they know their hair so well 🙁 Yup, maybe one day

    1. West central Florida, or Tampa Bay Area… I mean it’s hurricane season so it’s expected but it still sucks nonetheless.

  7. It’s never “just hair” I went into a local salon asking for betty bangs, and came out with Wonder Womans symbol cut into them!

    1. Wonder Woman symbol, oh god lol! I think the hardest part is communicating that you hate the haircut… I’m not much for confrontation..:/