What You Need for a Wedding


My brother got married this summer, and it was the first wedding I’ve ever attended. Not only this, but our mom kind of pushed me into being a bridesmaid. I’m sure if life was a movie, it’d be cute, but it was a little embarrassing. I was honored nonetheless. I never really thought about weddings, so it was definitely a learning experience. As a guest, you might not think about what goes into parties, but once you’ve been behind the scenes, you might appreciate it a bit more!

We did have a smaller affair, so what you might need is going to depend on what the couple wants, but here are a few things I noticed over the last few months that were required to make this event happen. Maybe you can use them for your next gathering or learn something like I did!


From the wedding and bridal shower invitations and thank you notes down to decor, paper products can be perfect keepsakes of the special day for the couple and guests alike. You could also take paper to mean money. Rings, photographers, and the honeymoon aren’t going to pay for themselves! It’s important to try to plan out budgets and save up because it was something I didn’t even think about as a first-timer. Paper’s also the traditional 1st year anniversary gift.


Now is the time to put your Pinterest to work! You can definitely exercise your creativity if you don’t have the paper some of those pins do. Pick a unique venue or dance track. At the bachelorette party, instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we pinned it on the Hunk (Harry Styles in our case). Mini Polaroid cameras are great because they function as something to do, mementos, and even decor.

what you need
                    Engraved Invitations | Instant Polaroid | Rifle Planner | Silk Rose Candelabrum


Add this paper product to the list– an agenda. Whether you call it a diary or planner, this will be extremely helpful for keeping track of the many appointments, gatherings and phone numbers you’re sure to accumulate. As a bridesmaid, we arrived to the venue early to set up, and did our and makeup there. So don’t forget appropriate undergarments, accessories, makeup, or anything the couple or photographer might request.


Is it cheesy if I say this? 😛 Yes, obviously it’s there between the bride and groom, but I think it also takes a lot of love between friends and family involved to go through all the madness. There might be all kinds of interference or drama, but when you have love, it’s worth it. The couple deserve it. I might be biased, but in our case, I’m going to say they definitely did because they had to do the long distance thing for two years! But now they have they’re settled in their own house and life. 🙂

These are some of my essentials for planning a wedding. Of course, don’t forget to charge your camera! What about you? What have you learned about weddings?




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  1. My sister got married a few years back and I was the maid of honour which meant I got to be bitchy on her behalf lol. You’re right, there are tons of details so one thing I will never do without? A wedding planner. If not for the whole thing, then just for the day itself. It saved us a lot of stress.

  2. Well, love should be there I think ajaja but I think that creativity is important. When I go to a wedding and I see something unique or different that stand out I always find it amusing, maybe for the way I am? Maybe some people will like more traditional stuff but well, that’s my opinion 😛

  3. When you narrow it down, these are definitely what you’re going to need! I think the most important one will always be love.

  4. A bulk of patience too! there will be so much stress along with the preparation but if Love and patience remain, it would surely be a perfect day.

  5. A friend of mine got married this summer. She didn’t stress out about her wedding party at all – I was so much more stressed until I realize that it’s no absolutely no use. She left everything for the last minute and btw she realized in the altar that she had left her wedding bouquet somewhere. Anyway, the wedding was absolutely charming, the atmosphere very relaxed and warm. Everyone enjoyed it. It’s just so funny how different people are – I couldn’t have had it unplanned.

  6. I totally agree with you that lots of efforts required behind the scenes of organizing a great wedding! And some creative DIY makes the entire event more special and memorable for the wedding couple as well as guests to create memories!

  7. My best friend just got engaged and I’m the Maid of Honor. I have done the whole bridesmaid thing twice before, though, so I’m not a total novice. I will say that these are all great tips and Pinterest is an excellent place for ideas!


  8. so true, so much goes on behind the scenes during a wedding. I am not very creative but have been able to pull off with some creativity at my sisters wedding. Thanks to Pinterest.

  9. I totally agree about the love! It can be extra hectic or stressful if there isn’t support from family or friends.

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