Writing For Wellness: Journal Writing

Writing for Wellness Journal

As a (wannabe) writer, I thoroughly enjoy writing for an audience, but honestly writing for myself can be just as enjoyable. Journal writing has become a wonderful tool to learn more about myself (Jules has one too!).



Every has their own reasons for keeping a journal. For me journal writing:


Allows me to express myself completely
Sometimes for whatever reason, in daily conversations I don’t get or want to express myself entirely. Journal writing is the perfect space for doing so.

Allows for deep self reflection
I will often begin writing about an experience and find myself expressing feelings and emotions I wasn’t even aware I had. Recognizing and writing out these feelings helps to keep me connected to myself.

Relieves Stress
Venting via writing for me is often as effective for me as venting to another person. Documenting positive experiences is satisfying as well as providing a written record of memories that I can relive over and over again.

Encourages creativity
Writer’s block is almost inevitable. Sometimes, prompts can be helpful and honestly kind of fun. It is fun to take on the challenge of creating something from an idea I may have not ever even thought of on my own.


I think journal writing is a great stress relieving activity. I encourage you to write and maybe share if you enjoyed it!


Do you keep a journal? Why or why not?




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