Writing For Wellness: LETTERS

Writing Letters

Hello all!

Today I come to you with a second addition to the topic of writing for wellness. The first part focused on writing for oneself in journals. This second portion is about writing for others in the form of letters. Letter writing is not as popular as it once was before phone calls, emails, and texting, but good old-fashioned pen to paper still has some benefits.




For me, letter writing:

Gives me a space to share my thoughts

While journal writing allows me to organize my thoughts, letter writing allows me to share these feelings with another. I can be selective with what I share and invite the reader to learn about what I have discovered about myself.

Allows me to explore/inquire about others

In addition to learning about myself, letter writing allows me to inquire about others. What makes interaction in letter writing different from that of regular conversation is that letter writing allows time for me to compose thorough questions and gives the reader time to reflect and form her or his response.

Helps hone writing skills

Writing in a journal for myself (usually) means I will have no problem understanding what I have written. The challenge with letter writing is making myself relatable to another person. This may be very easy if I know the person very well or we are very similar, but sometimes even then written language needs to be adjusted appropriately in order to be understood in the way I want to be.

Is therapeutic

Just as journal writing can relieve stress, letter writing can do the same for me. Instead of simply releasing my own thoughts for my own reflection, letter writing is a sort of a therapy session where someone is listening to me and hopefully, if we are pen pals, giving a thoughtful response in return.


I think writing letters is just plain old fun, and receiving a letter is something that always puts a smile on my face.



Do you write letters? Do you receive them? Comment below!




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  1. I love writing letters 🙂 Two of my siblings live in Japan and we always write each other letters even though we skype almost everyday haha it’s just such a nice and refreshing surprise to receive a letter in the mail.