Flying Lesson for a Day

cessna flying lesson-1

There’s no way, I thought. Flying a plane takes a lot of skills and and they just can’t let anyone do that. But apparently they do. My boyfriend knows that I love adventure and what better way to celebrate my birthday than to go do something that I haven’t done before.

This trip was made possible thanks to a Groupon deal. Seriously, the amount of fun activities that we have discovered using Groupon is amazing. I highly encourage everyone to go through their local THINGS TO DO section and start your own adventure!

Back to the lesson…

cessna flying lesson-2

The airpark is located at Clearwater where some of the most gorgeous beaches are located and we got to experience looking over the coast from the sky. I’m not gonna lie, I was just as scared as I was excited. Too many “what if” scenarios ran through my head at the time, but just like most things we’ve done so far, I’ve adapted the mindset of ‘life is too short.’

After arriving, we were provided with headsets and a quick pre-flight check. I honestly thought the plane would be bigger but it’s just big enough to fit four people comfortably. After going through the plane parts and checking to make sure things are working fine we were ready to go…almost. After fueling the plane, our pilot needed to re-check the tank to make sure there was no water mixed in. There wasn’t, except something had happened and the port under the wing where he was checking would not close, and it just kept leaking fuel. We had to delay the flight while we changed planes. You’d think that was a sign, but it was better to have had that happen on the ground than in the air, right?

The take-off was the most nerve wracking moment for me, you know that feeling of your stomach dropping, that was what I felt during that time. The pilot did the take off and landing while I took over once we were settled in the air. I was basically told to keep flying straight and turn the plane around once we were above a certain island. Maneuvering the plane itself wasn’t as difficult as I thought, as long as you keep the plane steady against the wind and “keep it parallel to the horizon,” you are all set.

cessna flying lesson-3

The view was breathtaking (see the video below) and the feeling is something that I just can’t put into words. There’s a feeling of peace when your up in the sky, with nothing else around except the clouds and the view of the horizon. This is definitely something I encourage you to experience at least once!

By the way, if you get motion sickness, I recommend taking some medicine before going. It’s known for passengers to get sick during and after the ride.

Have you been flying before? How was your experience? If not, would you ever want to? Let me know below!


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    1. I kinda freaked out a little bit inside after seeing it, but once you get over the initial freak out and realize how amazing the experience is, you’ll definitely appreciate it more

  1. Oh my gosh, this entire experience looks AMAZING! I’m not sure I’d trust myself enough to control and fly an airplane, but what an adventure that would be!!

    1. Thank you! I didn’t either but it was comforting to know that there’s an expert sitting next to you ready to take over when you start to lose control.